Random Linkage

2012 May 26
  • Seriously? Aside from the Dalai Lama’s fear of being eaten by sharks (which makes me feel OK because I share this fear), this is crazy.

“The Dalai Lama’s high profile may also account for reports of an assassination plot. Last year he was warned that Chinese agents had trained Tibetan women to kill him using scarves laced with poison. “They would have said they were sick, to receive a blessing from me, and my hand would have touched them.”

  • I wanted to share this video from Jason Bajada, a Montreal musician who made this video showing the nightly ‘cassaroles’ (aka – jovial banging on pots and pans) which happen in the streets against the current political situation we’re going through.
For more information on the student strike, check out Quebec Protest 101 and you can follow translated versions of news stories at the Translating the printemps érable website. These are very interesting times.

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