Random Linkage: Is it June Already?

2015 June 17
by Tanya McGinnity

Holy heck it’s June already!

Are you feeling it?

I hope wherever you are that the sun is shining on your pretty face and you have a nice cold drink chilling beside you. May you all be free from harm.


Let it be known that long ago I once almost killed my cousin and I by impaling us on a metal fence post by driving an ATV into a wire fence. This image above really resonates with me. I do hope nobody was harmed in the making of it and think that some videos should come with a disclaimer saying the person only merely suffered a bit of mild anxiety over motorbikes and fences since the accident.

Other than summertime memories of all the adventures that should have killed me as a child, I’ve been reading SO many self-helpey/psychology books. My current list includes:

I also did cheat and defied my earlier proclamation to read any Buddhist books with the plan to review them and devoured Susan Piver’s upcoming book Start Here Now: An Open-Hearted Guide to the Path and Practice of Meditation (Spoiler alert, it’s pretty darn good).

I want to share with you a Kickstarter that I believe so strongly in. Take an awesome dude with an awesome idea, add a pug (by far one of the most awesome breeds of dogs if I say so myself), mix in some punk rock fandom and plans to profile awesome bands and mix in a bit of healing work AND FRENCH FRIES and well… you have the makings of something that looks really cool. Kick in if you can and do please spread the word to help support this project.

Speaking of more cool projects, Miguel Chen and his crew have put together something I think you’ll like. Presenting…



Check out their Facebook Page and stay tuned for upcoming developments. Oh and if you haven’t watched it yet, Miguel’s video project for his yoga training is a must see. “Is Yoga Punk?”

So there you go. A few things that I wanted to share with you while I let an idea for something new with this blog percolate in my little mind. I’m in the early stages so I feel like this dude.




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