“A Puppy’s Path to Nirvana” by Deke, The Dharma Dog

2015 May 31


As a self-professed dog person (nothing against cats over here folks), I’m quite excited to hear about the new book A Puppy’s Path to Nirvana from Deke, The Dharma Dog. It’s a 29-lesson ebook, with Deke speaking throughout, explaining Buddha’s view of the world, his basic doctrines and practices, Buddhism’s early growth, and its development into a world religion. All of this is done in a fun and engaging way.

This sweet golden retriever will in his words –

speak to, and with, and about, many of the major figures in American Buddhism. I speak continually about my human family members, commenting on the Buddhists they visit, and who visit their home, and the arguments they make about their tradition. I critique the practices, and rituals, and expectations of American Buddhist communities, and of Buddhist scholars. Yet I am no fraidy cat. This Dharma Dog talks about sex, abuse of power, corruption, exploitation, and inflated egos. My language is straightforward, to the point, and explicit. And I know about the Internet too. I may not have had a well coordinated mouse-paw, but I sneaked into my father’s study every time I could, and took advantage of his long list of Buddhist “bookmarks” on the World Wide Web to up the ante for my Buddhist ruminations. At the end, after reading my prescriptions for Buddhist attainment that you would expect from a no-nonsense pooch, I hope you will, like me, attain nirvana.

There are enough of us human forms pontificating about Buddhism so now it’s time for a dog to give some bark and maybe a bit of bite.

You can find out more about Deke’s adventures on his Facebook page and be sure to check out the ebook or recommend it to a friend. As the video suggests, it would be ideal reading for those dog days of summer when there’s nothing better to do that sit with your furry little Buddha and read in the shade.

Unless they are lazy weirdos like my dog… Some dogs may take longer to become enlightened.

It’s like he’s playing a tiny bass guitar in his sleep.

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