Random Linkage: Where’d You Go?

2015 April 4

It’s been a while friends. You’re used to my spotty updates by now. That’s why we’re friends 🙂

Where’d I go? Well I’ve been facing demons, fighting devils, tickling pugs, chasing rainbows, delivering some self compassion and pretty much re-emerging from the winter (with the realization that I’ve been hibernating for a few years).
Some seriously profound things going on in this little human being and I’m hoping you’re feeling the same. Maybe it’s a collective lifting from some wacko planetary influences or some kind of sea change that we’re all having wash over us, but I’m feeling a lot less of the blues and a lot more of the vibrancy of life. Yeah. Like I said. Profound things!
So here’s some stuff that’s been cycling around on the internet that I wanted to share with you.

“And so I raise my glass of water: here’s to letting go. I shall try to no longer ask for joy, but to allow my myself to have it. This is about unlearning years and years of a bad inner monologue, a shitty script. This isn’t an issue of self control, this is a matter of self acceptance. I have tasted true freedom recently thanks to those who support me, and I want more.”

  •  Speaking of self-compassion… I just read this book recently and it is so very good. Get it for your self or other selves that you know who could use a little bit of kindness.


  • My teacher, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche is coming to teach in Montreal soon and I’m beyond happy. Like deliriously happy. It will be the first time I’ll be in the same room as him and not seeing him projected via images on a screen or a voice on a podcast or mp3 teaching. Anyone else have this kind of experience in after a long time of not encountering your teacher (or other significant person in your life) and then BOOM – they’re instantly a few feet away from you? Talking. Being. Maybe it’ll be like the time I saw Gene Simmons give a talk and I kept saying “Uhhhh….The 9 year old me would not believe that this is happening! Uhhh. I am going to throw up!” Or maybe it will be an ordinary experience. Like seeing a childhood pen pal and totally connecting over tea. Or maybe a blend of both experiences? Or a whole new one? Maybe I’ll strap a GoPro camera on my head to give a running commentary of it all. Or maybe I’ll just go with it.
  • “The Dharma of Harm Reduction” from the mighty Buddhist Peace Fellowship is an important read.
  • Ever read a blog post that summarizes how you feel? This is that post (minus the yachting!)


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  1. TMC permalink
    April 4, 2015

    I’ve had that teacher experience before a number of times. It’s awesome, but it’s super easy to get caught up in your thoughts of “omg!” and “is this happening? it’s happening!” Just take some time to relax before it all starts and focus on being present. Of all the places and people you and your teacher could be, you’ll be in recognizably in the same mandala at that time (sorry to get a little new-agey?) so it’s sacred time/space. Don’t let others’ misbehavior bother you, don’t worry if you don’t get your prostrations just right, don’t let some part of your body falling asleep distract you. You know how to be present. You’ve practiced. This is what you’ve practiced for. Just do that. _/|\_

    • Tanya McGinnity permalink*
      April 25, 2015

      Finally getting around to replying.

      Thanks so much for this.

      I’m seeing more and more how helpful my spiritual friends are and it’s so touching.

      My mind has become a bit more ‘obscured’ than it has been when I was practicing much more “back in the day” so I’m working with having a bit of compassion for my need to go back to basics. And the reminder to be present… and let go:)

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