An 8 Week Long Book Review : Week 8 – Mindfulness Starts Here

2013 December 15
by Tanya McGinnity


Well I’m into week eight of ‘Mindfulness Starts Here – An Eight-Week Guide to Skillful Living’ by Lynette Monteiro, PhD & Frank Musten, PhD  (cue ‘Eye of the Tiger’ as I mindfully spit out some well packed chaw out of my mouth).

This final chapter titled ‘Preparing for the Next Chapter’ scared me into thinking that there was more and that I’d be forever writing reviews of this book well into my next reincarnations, but I was reassured after reading that it is more about preparing for the next chapter of our lives rather than a literal next chapter. Whew!

The overall take away from this chapter is that the reader now has (hopefully) gained a reasonable degree of mindfulness and discipline to help them negotiate the challenges of human life via the weekly practices suggested by the authors. A recap of several of the core concepts of the book is provided and several appendices relating to the ‘how to’ of meditation including a robust reading list is included.

Well that’s it.

But Wait There's More!

Next week  I’m going to do a big finale review on the book as a whole to wrap things up so stay tuned.

And then that is it…


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