Random Linkage

2012 May 9
by Tanya McGinnity

The Fear Project , brought to my attention by Saltwater Buddha

How not to tell a colleague to **** off – The Under 35 Project

I had to work up to just picturing her in the practice, let alone sending any metta. It surprised me to realise however that the first stage of sending myself metta, was every bit as important as the latter stages. It was ok to realise that I was suffering too.

Open City: An article about Hassidim in Montreal

The most fundamental need of a person is to share their lives with other people. Every society is privy to the best and the worst of people. Every person, regardless of persuasion, colour, race or creed has the capacity for the best and for the worst within themselves. The deciding variable is the ego. When we measure each other against the backdrop of our egos, our experiences, prejudices, and limited knowledge, the result is often misconstrued conclusions.

Death in the Desert in an American Buddhist Cult  /Rebuttal: “Psychosis, Stabbing, Secrecy & Death at a Neo-Buddhist University in Arizona.”

“You can waste your whole life in Dunzie” – Pema Chodron

Do you know what it feels like to lose your sparkle?  from Roots of She
I think one of the gifts of getting older is getting more and more comfortable with who we actually are. After years of trying to be a better version of ourselves, trying to be more fabulous and perfect, we relax a little into embracing our wonderful, ordinary, as-is selves. And create from there.

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