Random Linkage

2012 April 23
by Tanya McGinnity

Via Nella Lou, author Smiling Buddha Cabaret  came mention of  the blog The Lost Yak and in particular this post on “How Not to Tattoo a Tibetan Mantra” (I’m a blank canvas myself).

I do really love GOOD magazine and all that they do so I was delighted to see this article titled “Cleaning Up Your Karma” as part of their Spring Cleaning series. While it’s a bit light and ideally intended for those fresh to the concept of karma beyond what many believe it to be, it’s nice to see they give some decent tips to their readers.

Here’s a book review of “The Angry Buddhist” by Seth Greenland in the New York Times. Showtime is set to develop a series based on the book so we’ll see how that turns out.

Take Jimmy: His newfound Buddhism depends on coaching from a woman who communicates via instant message. There is indeed something instant — hilarity — in the idea of spiritual enlightenment from a woman who advises that Jimmy place his troubling thoughts inside imaginary pink bubbles and calls herself DharmaGirl on Gmail.

“Profundity can be found in the strangest places,” DharmaGirl counsels. “Everyone makes fun of fortune cookies. I don’t know why.”

“Physicians are healing themselves through meditation: McGill’s mindfulness meditation teaches doctors coping skills” an article from The Montreal Gazette speaking to the work being done by the Whole Person Care team at McGill University  as well as the Mindspace Clinic in Montreal.

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