2012 February 4
by Tanya McGinnity

Time to share with you what’s been lingering in my browser. Warning – It’s very random.

108 Zen Books shares “The Five Fears of the Beginning Bodhisattva”

Sangha of a Thousand Buddhas is a website where “Sylvia Boorstein and many Spirit Rock core teachers as well as visiting teachers from around the world offer you a daily 5 minute video Dharma teaching.”

“We don’t learn the meaning of our lives by discussing it.  It’s not to be found in books or lecture halls or even churches or synagogues or mosques.  It’s discovered through these actions of love”- From “My Faith: What People Talk About Before They Die“: CNN Belief Blog

February is Pet Dental Health Month and my pug just met with his dentist yesterday to go over his plan for an upcoming extraction/cleaning. Here’s some great advice on pet dental health techniques.

The Post Punk Kitchen 100

Digitals, Musical Short Film About Communication Overload

Digitals from Chris Crutchfield on Vimeo.

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