2010 November 5

Lots going on lately. For someone who has been trying to reduce their level of “busyness”, I’m not really doing that great of a job at it.

I’ve been teaching meditation at the NHC Institute in Montreal (aka the birthplace of William Shatner – how rad is that!!!) I really enjoy teaching and hope that it is somewhat enjoyable and painless for the few brave souls willing to listen to me drone on about breathing. When I first taught the class, I was soooo prepared. I had a fistful of notes, citations and was ready for anything. This time around, I’m a bit looser and more fluid (attributed fully to the fact that I am running from work to class and completely a frantic stressball). As much as the folks in the class say that they are helped by learning how to sit still, I am immensely grateful at the chance to share this with them and to have some moments of calm myself.

Back to the NHC and to busyness… I will be delivering a presentation on meditation as part of an open house that they are holding on November 27th so if you are in Montreal and up for it, please do stop in. The session will be from 3:15-3:45pm and closes out a full day of lectures. Other topics include “The Wonder of Weeds – The healing properties of herbs”, “Beyond the Surface- Exploring the depth of beauty” and “Using Food to build a strong immune system”

Ironically, I am using the Presentation Zen technique to prepare myself for this talk. How meta! Do check out this post on the author, Garr Reynold’s blog on “Lessons from the world of Aikido” as it is a must read in dealing with hecklers. (not that I’m anticipating any trash-talkin’ thugs to show up at a holistic health centre to start pushing me around…)

I’m currently listening to the latest from The Sainte Catherines, a local band that I enjoy very much. Here they are playing the Fest… Excuse the cruddy sound…

What else… What else. I got to hang out with the fabulous Brad Warner a few times during the Montreal leg of his tour. While he was here I got to see him speak at Casa del Popolo (which featured an impromptu backing band who were practicing in the flat next door). We checked out a benefit for the upcoming Montreal Zen Poetry Festival to be held in March 2011 and he was monkhandled by my two rambunctious pugs.

That is all for now…. I need to rush myself back to work. Friday ahhhh you feel soooo goooood!


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