Leggo my ego… mmm waffles!

2008 December 2
by TMcG

Last night’s Hinayana class was engaging as usual and we covered the attachment to ego which we all experience as a part of our existence.

I reflected on how much ego goes on in my day to day that I don’t even notice.

From the moment ‘I’ hit the shower and begin the primping process to prepare for my day, down to the last struggle that ‘I’ have with my resistance to sleep, preferring to play with my Nintendo DS. (“I” have to win at Picross, “I” really do!

*Eggo waffles are a North American breakfast food. When growing up, these toaster waffles sustained many a latchkey kid such as myself. Of note, they’d also been used as a replacement for sliced bread when I was a starving university student as they made an interesting ‘sandwich’ diversion when paired with sliced American single cheese slices.

The ad campaign around Eggo waffles was a breakfast time duel for waffley goodness as the golden brown honeycomb carb-puffs sprang from the toaster. Whiney kids everywhere cried the mantra ‘Leggo my Eggo’ just like on TV.

Here’s a clip of a struggle to ‘leggo my eggo’*. Waffles can be a source of attachment too. Believe ‘me’!


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